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Wishes for any occasion

Heartfelt congratulations on your marriage.
May your bonding last forever, and should
it ever change, may it change to a firmer
and better one.


I probably don't tell you often enough,
but I treasure our friendship.
Friends like you make every day special!
Wishing you happiness today, tomorrow, and always!


Having a friend like you is the very best present!
A wish that your special day is bright, sunny and
filled with lots of love and happiness.


With a passing year, shall pass the pains
and troubles of the past. Stop thinking about
the times that are gone, instead waste your time
worrying about the future. May you have a great New Year.


Before the sun sets in this day,
before the memories fade in this year,
before the networks get jammed… Happy New Year!


Birthdays are bittersweet reminders that
time moves on whether we want to go with the tides or not.
Yours has been a life well lived.
You are an inspiration. Happy Birthday!


As you welcome your new baby boy,
it is my wish and hope that all the troubles
of the world will disappear every time he smiles at you.


The spirit of Easter is the spirit of love,
the spirit of joy and the spirit of peace.
May your heart be filled with all
good spirits on this Easter day.


You've always been there for me and for the kids.
You are the perfect husband.
Thank you for being you.


Today, I wish all your dreams come true
as you walk on your path.
Count your blessings day by day,
realize there are more than years in your life!
So, celebrate your day!


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